Roar Advanced Finishing Ltd

Auto Refinishing

Roar have a product for all automotive refinish rectification processes. We have solutions for MS, HS, UHS and SR paint systems with an extensive range of foam and wool applicators – Simple Steps Simple Solutions

Compounds, Glazes & Waxes

Auto refinishing waxes smooth out the paint surface and will help reduce the friction between oil and debris whilst driving. Allowing you to maintain a great finish for longer.


Refinishing applicators are a great way to make sure your Roar waxes and other refinishing products are distributed evenly and efficiently over the surface of your vehicle.


Abrasive products will help smooth out any imperfections in the paintwork that may have been caused by an accident or through wear, so you can apply repairing products effectively.


Our range of ancillaries from edgeless finishing cloths, spurring brushes or our 4” air blow gun will help provide an efficient way to refinish and detail your vehicle and cutting down the time.