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We are proud of the reputation we have developed over the 5 years we have been in business and we are even more proud of the kind words our consumers have to say about our products. From in-house built products feedback is essential and being told we help provide a great range that does a fantastic job, we are encouraged to continue and build on that reputation.

I needed help regarding suitable polish for my motorhome, and hadn't a clue where to start.
I was advised to contact someone called Dennis, which I did, due to a brain injury, processing information can be difficult, and affects my speech, Dennis was very understanding & even sent me a little video of how to use the items, he advised me what I needed, he even contacted a man called Rob and informed him what I was going to purchase.
I am very grateful for their care, time and effort into helping me.
I highly recommend this business, for their quality items and professional kind workforce.

Linda PyattOct 2018

Roar products are really good, the 610 express pad is brilliant. I polished a black Ford Focus earlier today, it cut the time in half and the 880 qc is awesome. I can't recommend them enough - the product range is great.

Gaz BarrittJan 2019

Very impressed with the scratch remover compound, pulled out 1500 grit sanding marks like it was nothing. No residue either. Wax is simple to remove even after 15 minutes of being left on. Very impressed!

Neill Cake RogersMay 2019